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How it works




See the Quickguide PDF or video.


Recommended substrates.

We strongly recommend a matt vinyl and we use Avery 3021 matt with a very good result.
It’s a campaign vinyl to a fair price. Duration estimated up to 3 months.
Do not use glossy vinyl ! It sticks in the Megaroller and difficult to apply.


Quickslicer - adjustment of the slicing.

Use a small piece of your vinyl and adjust the blade by the adjustment screw.
Repeat adjusting until the Quickslicer cuts through the liner – but not through the vinyl !
Important ! Check the slice in both ends of the poster and if necessary the whole length with a small knife, screwdriver etc.



On the top of poster it’s necessary to make a slice on the backside (liner).
It’s makes a small 10 mm slip, you have to peel this off after your application.
If we are printing for you – the posters are présliced from the factory.


Roll the poster up.

Roll the poster up from the bottom - with the print/front outside !
Roll it tight and straight (check both ends of the poster).
The poster should end up in diameter of max. 4 cm.


Load the poster in the Megaroller

Open the lid by pulling out the small black buttons in both ends of the Megaroller.
Roll out/release approx. 5 cm of the poster top.
Push down the black pillow and load the edge of the poster in the grip on the Megaroller.
(Be sure the printed side is against you).
Slide the poster top - back and forward a little - to secure its in the grip.
Check the backside of the poster top. If its in the grip.
Roll the poster slowly into the Megaroller.
Attention ! Don’t touch/push the black pillow ! The top end/flap will pop out.
PS. Loading needs a little practice. We have a couple of tricks – see quickguide PDF, FAQ or video.


Vertical applying. Mark the position of the poster.

Its possible for regulary users to estimate a place and start.
If you need a more precise location on the window - we recommend to measure before on the window and make small marks with a black speed marker.
Start from the left with a small corner mark. You will normally aim from the left.
If the marker is water resistant, you can use the marks for the next following campaigns.


Aiming/applying- get high up !
You have to secure that you can look/level across the Megaroller for aiming - and the right pressure to apply. Use a small stool or step ladder with 2 or 3 steps.


Aim from the left.

Put the Megaroller with left end first – on the left mark.
Then aim on the other marks and make contact for the rest of the Megaroller.

When there is contact between the poster and window - you cannot aboard !
You’re stuck... Its sticks. Don’t try to start again.
You need to start rolling down and hope for a good result - sorry!


Flap popping out - and roll down.

After aiming and the poster are in contact at the surface; Lean yourselve against the window and the Megaroller.
Make a quick flip; level down and back up to vertical.
This is to secure the flap is out of the grip on the Megaroller.


Roll down - in one go - with a light pressure on .

Follow the megaroller down, with your eyesight vertical to the megaroller.
Before your ending,slide the Megaroller a little exctra down at the left side.
This will secure an easier ending for the poster leaving the Megaroller.