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Problems - solution.

Loading the poster in the Megaroller grip.

Loading needs a little practice, loading a few times, maybe with a small poster/sample.
We have a couple of tricks – see Quickguide PDF or video ( How it works) .

For some users its difficult to push down the black pillow (opening the grip) and slide the poster top in the grip at the same time.
Some are getting help from a colleaque.

Please check that the top edge of the poster are straight and not bending.
Smoothen the edge by your fingers.


Flap is not popping out of the grip when starting to apply on the window ?

Secure the window/surface is dry and lean.

Lean against the Megaroller when your ready to start. You will then push more.
You have to make a quick flip down and up.

The surface is cold and its freezing outside.


Can we apply when its cold outside ?

Yes, it’s easy !
Keep the posters inside and warm in your shop – just before use.
Do the applying quickly when the poster is still warm.


Can we put more panels/posters together in one ?

No sorry. Then you’ll need to do a precise overlap between the prints.
This is not possible because the prints are inside the dispenser.



Normally its because you need to try to “Megaroll” a few times.
See the video or the quickguide.
Grab the wrinkled part of the poster and use the black pillow on the Megaroller to smooth .


Liner wrinkels up under the Megaroller when I’m pulling down.

You have to do it in one go, don’t stop.
Do with a certain speed, nut too slow, not too fast.